Online Demo - Interactive 3D Structure Generation with CORINA Classic

Please draw a structure with the integrated molecule editor (JSME) on the left-hand side. The 3D structure will automatically be calculated by CORINA Classic and displayed on the right-hand side in the Jmol app. Below the JSmol/Jmol visualization app window, two links are provided to download the structure as PDB or Molfile.

The functionality of this online service is also described in a short user guide saved as slide show or PDF file.


Help how to input structures
Download 3D structure as PDB or Molfile
Remarks: In case of a slow internet connection you can disable the interactivity by unchecking the checkbox "Interactive".
Update the 3D model manually by clicking on the "Update" button. The structure editor will also read MOL files using the PASTE command (Ctrl+V) or context menu (right mouse-click). Finally, some HTML 5 compatible browsers support the drag and drop functionality of Molfiles.

Note: This online service requires that JavaScript is enabled in your internet browser.
If the visualization window on the right-hand side is not successfully loaded, click on the "Java" button to start the Java based display of the 3D structure.
In this case the Java plug-in (version 1.4 or higher) should be installed and enabled in your browser.

The previous non-interactive version of the CORINA Classic online service is also still available.
Acknowledgment: is thankful to Peter Ertl (Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research Inc., Basel, Switzerland)
for the JME/JSME Molecular Editor and to the developers of Jmol/JSmol.