MOSES - Extensive chemoinformatics platform

Molecular Networks has developed an extensive chemoinformatics platform MOSES offering a broad range of methods for the handling and processing of chemical structures and reactions and their chemical, physicochemical and biological features and properties.

MOSES is an innovative C++ class library and builds on a novel chemical structure and reaction representation which overcomes some of the limitations of a connection table representation. MOSES offers a state-of-the-art programming interface to easily develop own software tools and can communicate with other chemical information systems through standard interfaces for software applications and exchange of chemical information.

Due to the modular and flexible design and architecture of MOSES, individual functionalities can be employed as stand-alone and web applications and can be integrated in existing in-house IT environments and workflows.

Features & Functionality

  • New structure and and reaction representation
  • Applicable to large datasets and a broad range of organic chemistry
  • C++ class library with modular design
  • Easy extendable
  • Support of Linux and Windows platforms
  • Python interface
  • Qt interface

Additional Info

Downloadable PDFs

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